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Car Nikau Courtney And V Eva 336

Six years ago, our broadband rollout team was displaced from its office – left high and dry, as it were – an unnerving feeling, to say the least. It was then that owner, Vaughan Wilson, took a leap of faith: he opened one of Wellington’s first coworking spaces and sat his own team down at their brand-new e-desks at our Lombard site, the very first members of Digital Nomad.

A bit like Vaughan’s Mustang we’ve all heard so much about (but no one’s ever seen…ahem:), we hit the fast lane, barely able to keep up with the inquiries and demand from local businesses looking to either ditch their lease or, frankly, sick of putting out the endless bushfires which come with being a leaseholder (‘we’re out of coffee’, ‘there’s no decaf’, ’the printer’s dead’, ‘the internet’s out’, ‘the cleaners didn’t show up’…..).

So how about this: you’re in a new, fully-appointed office, you come and go as you please, you’re in the CBD for all your meetings, there are meeting/board rooms at your disposal, endless printing/photocopying and you and your team focus on nothing else except building your business.

In other words, we’ve got your back – we put out all those bushfires for you and take care of everything, including your coffee requirements, whatever they may be (one member even has a mocha-soya-decaf-trim….what?!). And, of course, it’s all for one fixed monthly fee and none of those pesky add-ons, as it should be.

And the choice is yours: desks and offices by-the-month or over longer periods, whatever suits you, including part-time membership, with one, two, three or four days-a-month, no problem.

Come and take a weight off with us – who knows, you may even see a Mustang in the wild, a rare sight, indeed 🙂

Call Lucy – 027 740 9483 – or head to our contact form.

We're About Town

We’ve just opened our flagship site and now proudly provide premium offices and desks to startups, government agencies, IT, a charity, Rymans, Nespresso, Core Logic and many others. Even those nice people from Hare Krishna have a desk with us (that saffron is a welcome splash of colour:)